Daniela Samoil MD - Cardiology Consults LLC







The support offered to referring providers is determined by mutual agreement and can vary between a one time evaluation and report to ongoing back up follow up.

Services provided at the Lake Oswego office:

  • Clinical Consultations 

Services provided in hospital setting:

  • Echocardiography (transthoracic and transesophageal)

  • Stress testing (with echocardiographic imaging)

  • Cardiac rhythm monitoring and diagnosis

  • Hemodynamic diagnostics

 If indications for cardiac angiogram and percutaneous coronary interventions are established, patients are referred to interventional professional associates.

If indications for invasive cardiac rhythm device therapy are established, patients are referred to electrophysiology professional associates.

Cardiovascular conditions treated:

  • coronary atherosclerotic disease

  • angina

  • heart failure

  • heart rhythm disorders

  • fainting

  • hypertensive heart disease

  • valvular heart disease

  • pulmonary hypertension

  • peripheral vascular disease



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