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New patient appointments of one hour duration will be scheduled for individuals who have never seen Dr. Samoil or have not returned for 2 years.

These individuals will be asked the reason for seeking cardiac care, and whether they had previous cardiac evaluations.  If so, they will be requested to sign an authorization for release of that information so that the current findings can be judged in the light of previous information.    They need to know the name and contact information of the previous cardiologists or the name of the hospital and dates of hospitalization when the evaluations took place. 

Individuals making new patient appointments will be asked whether they have a primary health care provider, whether their primary provider is aware of the cardiac evaluation requested and whether their insurance plan requires that a referral be initiated by the primary care provider.

To expedite your time in the office please download (click on) the three documents below, print them, fill them out and bring them to the appointment.

Patient Registration

Insurance Form

Release Info

Return patient appointments of 30 minutes duration will be made for follow up visits, unless extensive consultation needs arise.

Billing for services provided:

All insured individuals will be billed by mail including copayments.  The insurance plans are billed first and available insurance payments are collected.  The patients are billed subsequently and the amounts billed are always based on their insurance plans allowed fees.

Uninsured individuals will be asked to pay at the time of service; however, a monthly payment plan will made available.  Please contact us for details at billing@drsamoil.com or 503 344 6462.

 After hours care:  The office can be reached 24 hours a day at 503 344 6462.  Dr. Samoil or a cross covering physician will call back in 20 minutes.  If a life threatening danger is perceived (such as significant chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, sudden loss of speech, vision, arm/leg function)  the patients and care givers are asked to call 911 and allow to be taken to the emergency room.  The emergency room physician will contact Dr. Samoil who will provide either direct continued cardiac care or will collaborate with the hospital specialists.

 Prescriptions: Most cardiac treatment is prescribed for extended periods of time.  When patients reach their target prescription dosing and are stabilized, refills will be provided for as long as safely possible.  However, prescriptions cannot be renewed for more than one year for patients cared for by a primary care provider and 6 months for all other.  Patients with prescriptions older than six months need to be reevaluated and have updated blood work.

 Pharmacy refills should ALWAYS be faxed from the pharmacy to 503 344 6536.


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